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Safer Window Cleaning from Fito Cleaners in Finchley

Window cleaning doesn’t have to involve ladders, buckets of soapy water, and cleaners who peer through your windows! Check out water-fed pole cleaning, the fast, safe way to get outstanding results on your windows.

Glass Cleaning Performed from Ground Level

Providing your windows are on the fourth storey or lower, and accessible from the ground, water-fed pole cleaning is the most efficient and safest way to complete your glass cleaning. The service works like this

  1. The cleaners arrive and park within thirty metres of your property
  2. They set up an extendable pole with a brush at the end. This is attached to a tank of distilled water
  3. Water is passed over each pane of glass twice, once to loosen dirt, once to rinse
  4. PVC frames and sills are cleaned at the same time as the glass

Don’t worry if your house, office, or other property isn’t suited to this method of cleaning, you can still get a service. Your cleaners will simply use a more conventional window cleaning method.

Book Services from Fito Cleaners Finchley in Finchley to Benefit From

  • Weekend and bank holiday cleaning services are available
  • Our use of new technologies meets your needs in the most time and cost-efficient ways possible
  • Your window cleaners don’t invade your privacy as they don’t need to work at the windows
  • No detergents are used, you get smear-free cleaning, and your garden isn’t contaminated by the run off water

Secure Your Window Cleaning Service in Finchley

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