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Fito Cleaners in Finchley Delivers on One Off Cleaning

Finding motivated cleaners when you’re only planning to use them once might seem like a challenge. Now there’s an option to book one off cleaning and get trained, experienced cleaners who do their best work every day.

The Ideal Service for Your Spring Cleaning

This service is designed for flexibility, so any housework that can be completed using general detergents and cleaning equipment can be incorporated into your list. Some of the jobs typically requested are:

  • Vacuum cleaning all rugs and carpets
  • Sweeping and mopping hard floors
  • Cleaning windows from the inside
  • Dusting and polishing furniture and mirrors
  • Wiping down paintwork
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens

When you have a different set of jobs that you’d like your cleaners to focus on, that’s fine. Your one off cleaners will work just as hard to catch up with day-to-day tasks like washing, laundry, or ironing. When your planned work will require that the domestics move heavy furniture or appliances you will need a couple of people to do this safely.

Tailoring Your Fito Cleaners Finchley Service

  • Get a quote based on a clearly stated hourly rate
  • Minimum session time is three hours – extend your appointment according to your own need
  • Book a single cleaner or a team
  • Set up a weekend one off cleaning session if it’s more suitable for you
  • Combine your one off cleaning with another of our services and you may qualify for a discounted overall fee

Book One Off Cleaning in Finchley Today

Call our 24/7 enquiry and support line – 020 3404 0343. The person you speak to will compile a tasklist based on your needs and give you an immediate quote. If you need advice on how long you should book or how many cleaners you need, just ask.