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Choose the Fito Cleaners Finchley Mattress Cleaning You Need

On the right sort of bed, steam cleaning will lift stains and deep cleanse a mattress. Alternatively, check out our fast, budget friendly UV mattress cleaning service which is suited to any type of bed.

Options On Offer From Your Local Mattress Cleaners

Steam, or hot water extraction, cleaning for mattresses is delivered in the same way as sofa or carpet cleaning. This technique both lifts stains and provides deep cleansing. However, it’s only suited to water-tolerant mattresses, and the drying time required may be anything up to 48 hours.

When you’re looking for a fast treatment that’s suited to any sort of bed your mattress cleaners will offer you UV mattress sanitising. This method eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and dust mites. It’s fast gaining in popularity, particularly at hotels, hostels, hospitals, or anywhere else where beds have serial occupants and speedy cleansing is of the essence.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your technicians bring the portable cleaning equipment to the bedside
  2. The mattress is agitated to loosen debris
  3. Suction is used to remove dirt
  4. A high intensity ultraviolet light is applied to sterilise the mattress
  5. Treatment takes just fifteen minutes from start to finish
  6. UV sanitising can also be used on duvets and pillows

What You Gain as a Fito Cleaners Finchley Customer

  • You have 24/7 access to advice and quotes
  • Services are available seven days a week
  • Combining certain services or getting multiple mattresses cleaned will qualify you for a discounted rate
  • Your work is always completed by trained and insured technicians

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